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attunement retreat

attunement retreat


attunement retreat

APRIL 25/26/27

mill spring - north carolina


Non Practitioners and Practitioners


Energy Healers - Reiki Practitioners - Sound Healers - Mindfulness Coaches 

Massage Therapists - Body Workers - Acupuncturists

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How Sound Can:

*Support your practice

*Enhance your current modality

*Release stagnant energy blockages

*Strengthen your connection to Source

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*Pyradym Meditations

*Shamanic Breath Work

*Significant Shifts In Perception

*Heightened States Of Awareness

*Personal Pyradym Sessions & Bodywork Available

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*Frequency Medicine

*Pyradym Technology

*Whole Brain Integration​

The Pyradym Summit Attunement Retreat:  is an expansive weekend program focused on broadening your understanding of the emerging scientific field of Frequency Medicine and Physioacoustics. 


Hosted by August Worley, the Summit Experience is equally welcoming to all levels of wellness practitioners, energy workers, non-practitioners and those curious about sonic exploration.


Features Include:

  • Inspirational Speakers

  • Group Sound Meditations

  • Live Music Performances

  • Camp Fire Discussions

  • Shamanic Breath Work

  • Drum Circles 

  • One-On-One Pyradym Attunement Sessions

  • Pyradym-Infused Physical Massages

  • CE-5 Meditation

Exploring core topics such as Physioacoustics, BioResonance, Entrainment, Whole Brain Integration, Radionics, Chromotherapy, and Biogeometry the weekend program also holds space for exploring some of the more esoteric aspects behind Pyradym Technology.


Hear from established wellness professionals toward the various ways in which Pyradym has enhanced their practice and listen in wonder to accounts from fellow 'Pyradym Guardians' as they share insight upon the multi-faceted dynamics this unique instrument has to offer. 

With time aside to rest and digest, pamper your Self with a soak in the outdoor hot tub, take a gentle stroll with some new found friends to the nearby falls of Chimney Rock. We invite you all to explore just what the Pyradym Summit may unlock in you...

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Early Bird Special

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AnneBritt Birkeland
Lighten Up Massage

Anna Birkeland has over 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry. Her massage therapy, EMT training, private care provider and patient advocacy work experience pair well with her radiography experience, advanced radiation science studies and three years of hospital internships, enabling her to provide highly skilled direct patient care from a strong knowledge base. 

Anna will be presenting on the benefits of integrating Pyradym frequencies with massage and bodywork modalities for both client and practitioner.


Dale Allen Hoffman
Ancient Aramaic Wisdom Keeper

Ancient Aramaic Wisdom Keeper Rev Dale Allen Hoffman sheds light on the realization that true “spirituality” is our conscious recognition of the sensations of pure frequency and vibration in our life experience. This awareness embraces the rise and fall of our breath, the rhythm of our heart and the movement of air upon our skin by tuning in to the ambient sounds movement and silence in our environment. Dale will also introduce tools like vocal toning, breath work and Pyradym and how he uses this amazing cutting-edge sound healing tool in his work.


Dede Ceballos, MS OTL,Yarah Formation

A Pediatric Occupational Therapist specializing in sensory processing and the mind-body connection, Dede will be discussing our body's complex relationship with sound. By reviewing the neurology of hearing and the relationship between sensory perception and the autonomic system, you will gain an understanding of the profound impact sound has on our emotions. 


Benjamin Symes, Yarah Formation

Sharing the unusual tale of events that led to his re-introduction to Pyradym, Ben offers encouraging insights and anecdotes from his 8 year journey with Pyradym. Offering tools and tips gathered from his own path toward self discovery topics include, energetic alignment, mind without agitation, the power of group meditation, intuitive development, the misconceptions of traditional medicine and the relationship between Non-Human Intelligence and personal spiritual evolution. Humorous and inspiring in their nature Ben's presentations are intended to replace the inner critic with a renewed sense of Emotional Luxury.


August Worley, Augustara BioResonance

Professor August Worley conducts a “behind the curtain” interactive demonstration and discussion of the various practical (and esoteric) design points of Pyradym that contribute to make the instrument a “state of the art” technology. Using the instrument to demonstrate fundamental topics such as pitch intervals, waveform harmonics, beat frequencies, entrainment, and other the physiological aspects of the sciences known as Physioacoustics and BioResonance, August will use Pyradym to demonstrate the compositional components he uses to elicit emotions and create altered states of consciousness. Intended to create pathways towards our making deep connections to our own inner knowledge and wisdom, these techniques are intended to lead to the release – at the cellular pattern level – of the energetic patterning of life (“lives”) experiences that no longer serve us…

Live "Musical Soul Portrait" Performance By

Richard Shulman

Keyboardist and composer Richard Shulman creates music intended to be a positive influence for himself, audiences and society.

A Group Musical Soul Portrait expresses the highest vision of the group through music. It is an interactive process which begins with a spontaneously composed keyboard piece intended for the highest good of all present and all we are connected with, and is followed by a check-in with participants for further musical and meditational experiences visioning together.



Relaxing Firepits.jpg


Restore and renew in our beautiful secluded Hilltop location nestled beside a private lake, surrounded by world renowned hiking trails leading to Chimney Rock Park and Lake Lure and only 5 minutes away from the convenience of a large grocery store.


This repurposed Girl Scout Camp features a fully equipped recreation center complete with presentation room, movie projector, meditation area, relaxing fire pits, picnic areas and even includes a screened in outdoor hot tub...


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Early Bird


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Friday 26

18:00 > Arrival / Check In / Introductions

19:00 > August Worley Keynote Introduction

19:30 > Richard Schulman Group Musical Soul Portrait

21:00 > Depart to Dine

Saturday 27

09:30 > Group Pyradym Meditation

10:15   > Refreshment / Opening Meet & Greet

11:00   > August WorleyBioResonance Fundamentals

12:00  > Dede Ceballos:

The Physiological Effects Of Sound

13:00  > Lunch

14:30  > Annebritt Birkeland

15:30  > Yarah Formation:

Harmonic Alignment

16:30  > Dale Allen Hoffman

In The Beginning Was Frequency

17:30  > Dinner/ Personal Pyradym Sessions

19:30  > Drum Circle


21:00  > CE-5 Film / Field Exercise

22:30 > Close

Sunday 28

09:00 > Group Pyradym Meditation & Group Share

10:30  > Benjamin Symes:

Emotional Luxury

11:30   > August Worley: Coherent Sound & Creating Altered States

12:30  > Annebritt Birkeland

13:30  > Lunch

14:30   > Dale Allen Hoffman
Aramaic Toning and Cosmic Chant Circle with PYRADYM

15:30   > T/B/A

16:30   > August Worley

17:30   > Closing Ceremony

Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

We suggest a yoga mat or something comfortable to sit on, a water bottle, perhaps some light snacks (although some will be provided), warm clothes for the evenings.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately no animals are permitted onsite.

Will there be food catering on site? 

We will be providing some light breakfast snacks (yoghurt, fruit, granola etc, water, juices, tea and coffee).

Feel free to bring packed lunches etc. A list of local stores and restaurants will be provided.

Can I camp onsite? 

Unfortunately camping is not permitted on site but there are public campgrounds nearby.

What accommodations are available?

There are many weekend rental properties nearby and the following are some local favorite recommendations. We do advise when booking to remain mindful of travel times to the Hilltop as mountain roads can be long and winding :)

The Shaded CrestSerenity Ridge / The Lodge on Lake LureThe Rumbling Bald Resort / The Lake Lure Inn / The Arbor Cabins at Lake Lure Airbnb / VRBO

How do I get to the location?

The Hilltop location is accessible by car. As time progresses some ride shares may be available, email us for details. 

What is the nearest airport?

Asheville Regional Airport:  is approximately 30 miles by car to Hill Top via I-26 E and US-64 E.

Do I need to be a practitioner?

Absolutely not. The Summit Program is open to All. If you hold a healthy sense of curiosity and desire to explore you are in good company. Welcome...

What is the meaning of Life?

Perhaps it is as simple as to merely experience, learn and evolve...

If you have further questions that you would like some clarity on please do not hesitate to reach out to us here...

stay updated as the summit builds

In Resonance...

"It's ALL about resonance"

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