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August Worley

August Worley is a college professor, professional musician, and certified Reiki Master living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. He’s also a degreed Electrical Engineer, with an associated minor in Performance and Music Composition Studies.


Beginning his professional technical career working for Moog Music in Buffalo, New York, August has designed commercial audio products for several internationally-known companies such as Moog Custom Engineering, B&K Components, and Polyfusion, Inc.


Enjoying a long and varied professional career in the electronics industry as a design engineer, August toured with the reformed super-group “Emerson, Lake, and Palmer”, as a keyboard technician. This elite association lead to his relocation to Asheville, North Carolina in 2002,  to work alongside legendary electronic musical instrument pioneer, the late Dr. Robert Moog, as his Principal Design Engineer. Together they created what would turn out to be Bob's final synthesizer, (and the best-selling keyboard in the company’s history), the MiniMoog Voyager synthesizer.

In 2004 he started his own company, AugusTara, LLC, to serve as a platform for combining his creative skills and profound insights towards bringing forth healing sound, music, and holistic therapy products, such as PYRADYM. August has been known to occasionally appear in film, television, and radio presentations throughout North America and Europe to bring to the public a unique understanding of what is generally termed “frequency medicine”.


Obligatory Legal Stuff:
August Worley and PYRADYM cannot prescribe, treat, heal, predict or diagnose any condition for you. Any information given is purely suggestion and is subject to your own discretion and decision. Anyone suffering from any dis-ease, illness or injury should consult with a fully licensed health care professional.


“LIFE is a contact sport—wear a helmet”...

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