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How To Purchase A Pyradym

how to purchase a pyradym

The Pyradym 1c is currently available in a standard Cherry, Maple or Wenge cabinet finish. Each instrument is hand-built to individual order and available to ship with a lead time of approximately 16-24 weeks, based on the volume of the current build queue.

Each instrument comes with a set of professional headphones and a full-colour manual, complete with a detailed description of all control functions, a session tutorial, and sound charts for setting the instrument to address situations such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, migraine headaches, detoxification, immune system support, smoking cessation, etc.

Additionally, there are a number of “cutting edge” white paper reports included in the manual on various aspects of the advantages of using BioResonance as a healing modality.


For our distant customers we offer one “real time” training session via Skype free of charge, but the learning curve for effectively using Pyradym is actually very short, as the sound-control elements of the instrument are designed to provide an easy and natural response to your actions.

It’s an analogue instrument, so when you turn a knob or move a switch something happens!


The ONLY thing that you need to know to gain

a functional access and understanding of Pyradym is to regularly ask yourself,

“How does this sound FEEL?”

Pyradym is presented to practitioners and public alike in the same manner as how musical instrument are offered to musicians.


We feel our instruments should be available to any and all individuals that wish to explore the infinite possibilities of owning a functional sound, light, and vibrational therapy tool that they may use to fulfill whatever their purpose and wherever their imagination and intuition directs them.


There is a “open-ended” intention of Pyradym, which is to provide the same functionality of a musical instrument without having to incur the typical steep learning curve of learning to use or having to “perform” with a musical instrument.


We are continually amazed at the variety of different ways our clients come up with in using the instrument to suit their desires and purposes!

We’re also pleased to add that Pyradym really does have an innate degree of subtle “consciousness” to it, as the owner feedback attests – to the degree that most of the instruments have “names” and have become almost as “members of the family”!

The Pyradym 1c instrument currently sells for $5,300 USD, with the standard purchase mechanism of a 50% via PayPal or check deposit to commission the building of the instrument, and the remaining balance upon delivery.

PLEASE NOTE that due to the across-the-board materials cost increases by our supply chain, the price of the Pyradym 1c will increase beginning 1 October 2022.  

Please feel free to use the Paypal button or you can use Paypal credit for your deposit or payment, and be sure to fill out the contact information form below.

Contact Information

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Please Note:
 Purchase price does not include shipping and transaction fees.
Due to the nature of custom-ordered instruments, all sales are final.

If paying via PayPal, we strongly suggest that you please use the "Sending to a friend" option of their "Send Money" function.

Pyradym Bioresonance Healing Instrument

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