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"If at first, the idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it..."

- Albert Einstein


This portion of the Pyradym discussion relates to an esoteric technology that is not based on any scientific evidence and contradicts many current principles of physics and biology. As a result it could possibly be dismissed as pseudoscience or frogwash by mainstream scientists...

Located beneath the Crystal Capstone, Pyradym contains a device which uses a common crystal together with an antenna technology to generate what could best be described as a 'Weak Torsion Field'.


Pulsating at a harmonic of Schuman's fundamental Earth resonance frequency, the CPF helps to 'drive' the collected energy from the focal point within the pyramid's structure out into the Aether.

This combines to create an energetic vortex and provide a 'carrier wave' for the energetic thought of the intention to heal, which in turn provides a 'broadcast station' for the subtle energies involved.


Directing subtle energies is the basis for many esoteric practices such as Reiki and Qigong, as well as Biogeometry, which is the root concept of the discipline associated with the energy of physical placement also known as Feng Shui.

Biogeometry works with subtle energies which are not detectable by electro-magnetic devices, but which have powerful effects on living beings and their environment.


Pyradym also uses Reiki and other Sacred Symbols embedded in the copper of all the printed circuit boards to create an energetically 'clear' space within the instrument.


By eliminating any detrimental energies from without, this design ethic establishes the energetic signature of Pyradym as a portable 'Sacred Space'.

Employing the use of Sacred Symbology in an electronic appliance is a highly unusual practice in Western culture, but it does help to greatly reduce the amount of generated electro-magnetic radiation coming from the AC line, as well as providing a pure and clean energetic tool for healers to work with.

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