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The Obelisk

The Pyradym™ Obelisk Base Cabinet is a powerful accessory to use with the Pyradym BioResonance Healing Instrument, and together combine to create a modern obelisk embodiment in a portable form.

the obelisk

The Pyradym™ Obelisk Base Cabinet is a powerful accessory to use with the Pyradym BioResonance Healing Instrument, and together combine to create a modern obelisk embodiment in a portable form.


Whereas, the Pyradym uses a tactile device attached to the interior of the base panel of the instrument to create the articulated vibrational aspects of the generated sound, the Obelisk Base Cabinet significantly increases the sensorial impact of the instrument.  

The sound that Pyradym generates is primarily, (but not exclusively), “felt” as the low frequency physioacoustic (“vibrational”) component, presenting a higher SPL (Sound Pressure Level) into a bigger space requires a little more “oomph” if you’re trying to cover a larger group of a dozen people or more.


The Obelisk Base Cabinet is ideal for “sound bath” applications, and is an ideal solution for churches, yoga studios, and large meditation rooms. 


Although the term “subwoofer” is generally used as a descriptor for this application, a subwoofer’s specific purpose is to accurately reproduce recorded music information, and are typically designed to be as acoustically “transparent” as possible and not influence the tonal “colour” of the any recording you play through them.


Sonically, the Obelisk is actually designed to enhance the sound of Pyradym and provide more of a “woodyness” to the larger tone being synthesized by Pyradym.


In a musical instrument context, you can think of it terms of where the strings of a Piano or Upright Bass generate the actual sound frequencies (notes) of the instrument, it is the WOOD and the construction of their cabinets that project the sound into the space around them and gives the instrument it’s tonal character and natural “organic” feel.


Additionally, the Obelisk cabinet is designed to naturally resonate with Pyradym, meaning that the Obelisk cabinet will increase the volume of the Pyradym instrument without the electronics even being turned on.


While adding “breath” to Pyradym’s sound, it energetically couples to the Base Cabinet to then function as the pointed “Benben” portion of an obelisk as once they did in ancient Egyptian temples.


In Egyptian creation texts, the Benben was stated as a physical Primeval Point of Origin, and a temple built around it became a source of knowledge and higher awareness for initiates who were of integrity and purity enough to follow the path into gnosis.

Stone Obelisks found throughout the world have their origins in the Atlantean culture, and were believed to have been the “anchor points” for that society’s power grid technology, as well as being subtle energy “antenna” technology to be used for “tuning in” to the Universe.

An extremely powerful design, the Obelisk concept was carried forward in the thousands of Sacred Sites that were created by the many temple cultures that have existed over time who had incorporated the structure into their churches and standing stone circles.


Scattered throughout the world, a number of them still stand today as both a testimony and a reminder of a time when mankind would build such monuments to inspire and maintain a more intimate connection to the energy of our planet.
Regarded as “Oracles”, these monolithic structures were placed in very specific locations within the temple site, where due to the location’s telluric characteristics, connection with other levels of consciousness was enhanced and made more immediate.


These energetic “hot spots” were also sonically enhanced by the Obelisk, and were typically reserved for marriage ceremonies, sound healing sessions, and fertility rituals.


Occurrences of “out-of-body experiences” and prophetic visions during these activities were common.

Untitled design(3).png

Couple your Pyradym with an Obelisk today...


PRICE: $3,800.00 USD


Standard Finish: Cherry, Wenge, or Natural (Other finishes available by request at extra cost)
Dimensions: 18” x 18” x 28” (approx.)
Weight: 45 pounds (net)
Max. Power Requirement: 120 VA

Enclosure Construction: Overlaid Cabinet-grade Hard Maple plywood;
Connexion: Molded 3-wire cordset, 10 ft. (non-removable)
Protection: User accessible fuse (Other finishes available by request at extra cost)

INPUT: The PYRADYM OBELISK BASE comes complete with a 3' long hard-wired signal input cable that is intended to plug directly into the EXT. AUDIO OUT connector of the PYRADYM Instrument.


Output Controls:

THRU AUDIO: Is a parallel audio send to the PYRADYM Instrument’s AUDIO OUT, and can be connected to any external stereo line-level amplification or recording system by inserting a stereo phone plug into this jack.

(External Audio Output Impedance: 4.7K Ohms, 2.2v p-p)


VOLUME: Controls the PYRADYM OBELISK BASE cabinet’s generated sound level. This control features the same “logarithmically damped contour” design feature that the PYRADYM instrument uses to create a more natural volume characteristic when the knob position is changed. In other words, when the knob is rotated to a new position, the volume change of the instrument will not be immediate, but will swell or diminish with a slow, natural time delay.


MUTE: This switch has a pushbutton toggle function which controls whether the sound will be output to the cabinet's internal transducer. Similar to the PYRADYM instrument, the associated GREEN indicator will light to indicate the tactile output is ON. This feature enables one to disengage the audio send to the cabinet, which also features the same logarithmic contour characteristic as the VOLUME control when changed.



Limited 1 Year Parts and Labour, excluding normal wear and tear and catastrophic events, (shipping not included).


“At AugusTara, Inc. we believe that the best product design is couched in the philosophy that when it reliably serves the needs of an individual, it will serve the greater needs of the collective society. Those elements combined with an alignment to a higher consciousness IS the paradigm of product design for the new millennium” - August Worley


© 2009 AugusTara, LLC. Duplication of any of this material in whole or in part without expressed written consent of AugusTara, LLC is prohibited.

PYRADYM TM and OBELISK BASE CABINET TM are registered trademarks of AugusTara, LLC. US Patent #: 7,537,576

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