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In the expression of the descriptive purpose of the Pyradym instrument, there is an overt use of the word 'Healing'.

The choice of this word is not an arbitrary one, nor is it gratuitous.

However, in it’s use of the ‘H' word, the creators of Pyradym wish to clarify the intention of the instrument is but one of the many wonderous tools available to facilitate the perceived positive states of an individual’s well being.

It is crucial to bear in mind that 'Healing' is a personal choice, and that only the individual knows, at a subconscious level, that which is their best interests.

Considering that illness, or even Death, can be a form of healing, and that an individual may require having a particular experience in order to overcome a personal obstacle or situation.

This concept is brought forward for you to please consider the scope of healing not from the individual perspective, but from the context of the Universal perspective.

At the essential level, Any healing experienced by anyone is an energetic reconciliation between that individual and what they perceive as their creator.

Those that practice the Healing Arts are essentially facilitators by their skilled art and intention.


While these elements are extremely powerful components in their own rights, they can never overcome the limitations placed by:

An individual’s choice: you cannot heal anyone that does not wish to be healed.


As stated above, there is an ineffable quality to each individual’s experience that cannot be dictated by another.

Ultimately, it is the receiver of the energetic resonance of the Pyradym instrument who carries the essence of the choice they wish to make in terms of their well-being.

August Worley, Creator of the Pyradym.


Obligatory Legal Stuff:
August Worley and PYRADYM cannot prescribe, treat, heal, predict or diagnose any condition for you. Any information given is purely suggestion and is subject to your own discretion and decision. Anyone suffering from any dis-ease, illness or injury should consult with a fully licenced health care professional...


“LIFE is a contact sport—wear a helmet”...

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