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pyradym a precision Analogue Sound instrument designed to stimulate and facilitate the body's innate self-healing mechanisms.


Using the ancient Chakra system as a tuning platform, Pyradym uses a harmonic tuning system, (sometimes called a "just intonation" scale), to sympathetically resonate the body with a warm, strangely "reminiscent" set of evocative frequencies.


Generating a set of up to three harmonically-rich tunable low frequency tones for each of the seven major Chakra centres, a practitioner/user can control a wide range of tonal qualities with which to create the bioResonant effect in humans, animals, plants, living space, etc.


It's a "musical instrument" for musicians and non-musicians alike!


Introducing Pyradym ™, the synergistic combination of sound and color therapy for pain relief and emotional / physical balancing.


Pyradym is a self-contained electrically powered apparatus designed to stimulate and facilitate the human body’s innate self-healing mechanisms.

Pyradym is designed for health practitioners and individuals alike seeking a non-invasive and holistic approach to Chakra alignment.

Key Features:

Chakra-aligned Analogue Sound Generator

Audiophile Grade Analogue Waveforms

Internal 100 Watt Physioacoustic Transducer (headphones included)

Synchronised Light Therapy system

Crystal Particle Fountain

Automatic and Manual Modes

Preconfigured Tonal/Color Alignments for each Chakra

Hand-Cut Brazilian Crystal Capstone

Premium Hardwood Cabinet

The Human Energy Field is a complex energetic, multidimensional field that surrounds, penetrates and IS the human body. Energetic vortexes called Chakras nourish every organ and cell in our bodies.


These Chakras, in turn, collect energy from the Universal Energy Field that is all around us. When blocks accumulate in the energetic filed, a disruption in the flow of energy through the Chakras results.

It is these blocks that disrupt the harmony in the field and eventually are the cause of disease, as well as emotional and mental disorders in the physical body. Applying the principles of sympathetic resonance, imparting specific tones to these Chakras Pyradym can help to clear the blocks, thereby restructuring the Chakras and promoting healing.


Pyradym can also induce new levels of awareness.

' It felt like every cell in my body was vibrating...'

pyradym technology

Pyradym's components are housed in a portable pyramidal shaped enclosure constructed from the finest hardwoods. Hidden within the cabinet is a performance-grade sonic transducer capable of treating a room full of people at once.


There is a single recessed steel panel on one side of the unit which contains the user interface for Automatic and Manual modes along with controls for the pitch and tonal quality of the generated sound frequencies. This panel also contains the entry point for the AC supply cord, power switch, line protection  fuse holder and headphones jack.

The Therapist or Practitioner controls the pitch and tonal quality of the sound frequencies. The Physioacoustic and Light Therapy elements are situated beneath the Brazilian Quartz Crystal Capstone and provides a mild radiated ultrasonic stimulus incorporating Reiki healing symbology while the device is in operation.

A wide range of sound qualities are available by combining the three tone generation sources available to the practitioner. Labelled Tone 1, Tone 2 and Tone 3, they each feature a Soft and Hard selectable tonal quality. The Soft tone position generates a hollow sound (comprised of an odd-order harmonic series) and is reminiscent of a singing bowl or bassoon. The Hard tone position generates a 'raspier' sound (comprised of even and odd-order harmonics) and is reminiscent of a didgeridoo or Tibetan throat singing.

light generating system

Beneath Pyradym's crystal capstone, high-intensity Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) create a reactive light engine that display a full spectrum of visible light corresponding to the Chakra tone selected.


The amount of light that is generated corresponds to the generated changes in audio amplitude. Known as Chromotherapy, colored light therapy can be used on its own or as an enhancement to forms of therapy.

The light component aspect of Pyradym is designed provide photon stimulation to your skin by bathing your body in light as well as provide an additional sense to facilitate the Brain Entrainment process.


Even if you are experiencing the sound and Physioacoustic stimulation with your eyes closed, you will still be receiving the light stimulation through your eyelids.

There are many additional physical and energetic benefits to be realized by projecting Crystal-amplified colored light into the body as well as the ambient space, such as:





...the body at the cellular level.

The research and application of LED Therapy has been verified and supported in the scientific community by agencies such as NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, the University of New Mexico at Alberquerque and the Wisconsin College of Medicine to name but a few...


What is Physioacoustics ?

Since ancient times, low frequency sound has been used in various forms to cause physiologic and psychological effects. From the chant of Tibetan monks, to Gregorian chant, to the Music of African tribes, and Australian aborigines; low frequency sound has been used to calm, to excite, to relieve anxiety, to motivate warriors, and to induce relaxation.


Physioacoustics is a scientific method of applying low frequency stimulation to the human body in such a way as to obtain desired emotional or physical effects. Physioacoustics may be thought of as the science which takes the active ingredients out of music, concentrates them, and infuses them in pure form to motivate or heal.

The sensation of a Physioacoustic treatment, analogous to that of being vibrated, is very different from that of mechanical vibration. It is perceived as much more pleasant. Mechanical vibration systems can cause side effects such as nausea, motion sickness, loss of hand eye coordination, and nystagmus, (a rapid involuntary oscillation of the eyeballs due to dizziness).


Physioacoustics is a departure in the American medical tradition where the most commonly used nostrums rely on drugs. All drugs have side effects. Physioacoustics can ameliorate pain without clouding the mind.

Researchers in Physioacoustics use sound waves in the frequency range of 27 to 113 Hz. The frequency range below 20 Hz is called “Infrasound” as opposed to “Low Frequency Sound”.

Physioacoustics does all this without side effects common to drugs, has FDA approval as a Class One medical technology, and is safe within all ISO standards.

crystal particle fountain

Pyradym’s Crystal Particle Fountain channels high-frequency energy through the Reiki power symbol and two natural crystals.


Just like the seven tones of the Chakra Scale, the Crystal Particle Fountain aligns seven custom blended colors to deliver healing energy to each Chakra of the body.

At the Crystal Particle Fountain’s core are two custom-cut Brazilian and Madagascan Quartz crystals that diffuse ultra-pure waves in an evolving display. Etched in the center of the main board is the Reiki symbol: ‘Place the Power Here’. Traces wrap the crystal, engulfing it in tuned waves while allowing the Chakra specific colors to pass through to the cap stone.


While the internal crystal is chosen for it’s ability to cleanly pass energy waves, the cap stone is carefully selected to diffuse light through it’s natural grain. Find yourself in the presence of the Crystal Particle Fountain and you will feel an energy that is easy to interpret. The Crystal Particle Fountain inspires positivity, thoughtfulness, and wellbeing while imparting a healing atmosphere to the room.


Open yourself to the experience and the Crystal Particle Fountain connects you to the common essence of all healing energy.  It’s a powerful focusing agent for the user/practitioner, patients, and everyone tuned in to positive energy.


SELECT: When in MANUAL mode pressing this button sequentially cycles through each of the 7 Chakra locations, selecting the tonal pitch and corresponding colour for each Chakra.


TUNING: changes the centre tuned frequency +/-9 Hz, with markings for standard “A440” tuning, (allowing standard musical instrument tuning) as well as tuning references of “A432” and “A424”, two alternate tuning standards. The 8th position is a MUTE position, silencing the sound and turning off the capstone lights. When in this position, the MUTE LED illuminates. When in TIMED mode, this button has no effect.

STEP TIMER: This section automatically controls the SELECT button, sequentially cycling through the 7 Chakra locations (plus mute) at a rate determined by the position of the rotary control setting, ranging from 1 to 13 minutes per step.


START: initiates the beginning of the set interval. The STEP TIMER has a free-running type clock function, meaning that it begins the preset time interval at whatever Chakra it is set at manually.


Pyradym™ has 3 Audio Frequency Generators labeled as TONE 1, TONE 2, and TONE 3.


OFF: disconnects the tone source from the output.
SOFT: selects a hollow sound reminiscent of an oboe or a bassoon.
HARD: selects a “raspier” sound reminiscent of a didgeridoo or throat singing.


TONE 2: Select - OFF/SOFT/HARD - same as TONE 1.
PITCH: CCW: pitch close to unison with TONE 1, CW: varies the pitch to ~ 1 octave above TONE 1.
“Crop Circle” markings indicate Unison, 4th, 5th, 6th, and Octave relative interval tunings.


TONE 3: Select - SOFT/HARD: same as TONE 1 and TONE 2.


AUDIO: TONE 3 is an audible tone just like TONE1 and TONE 2.

CNTRL: sends the tone waveshape to TONE 1 and TONE 2 thereby acting as an “invisible hand” causing both pitches to change. This feature is effective for creating pitch change effects not available with traditional sound therapy devices.

PITCH: CCW: varies the pitch to ~ 1 octave above TONE 1.
CW: varies the pitch to ~ 2 ½ octaves above TONE 1.
“Crop Circle” markings indicate Double Octave and Triple Octave tunings, as well as their relative 4th, 5th, 6th tunings above.


AMOUNT: Controls the volume of TONE 3 when ROUTING select switch is in the AUDIO setting, controls the level of pitch change when ROUTING select switch is in the CNTRL setting.

VOLUME: Controls the PYRADYM’s generated sound level. This knob also controls the volume of any EXT. AUDIO OUT signal. The TACTILE MUTE switch mutes the internal Physioacoustic transducer. This feature enables one to disengage the volume control of the internal cabinet sound in favour of controlling the EXT. AUDIO OUT volume . The stereo EXT. AUDIO OUT can be sent to an external amplification system by inserting a stereo phone plug into this jack. (External Audio Output: Impedance 4.7K Ohms, 2.2v p-p)


HEADPHONES: Separate stereo output sound and VOLUME control is available at this location.

PRICE: $5,300.00 USD

Power Requirements:

120AC Volts (other voltages available; consult with the factory)

Input Frequency: 60 Hz

Max. Power Requirement: 120 VA

Connexion: Molded 3-wire cordset, 10 ft. (non-removable)

Protection: User accessible fuse

Physical Dimensions (approx.): 45.7cm x 45.7cm x 33cm (18” x 18” x 13”) Weight (net): 10 kg (22 lbs.)

Enclosure Construction: Solid Hard Maple; w/3 choices of standard stains: Natural, Cherry, or Wenge available (Other finishes available by request at extra cost)

Warranty: Limited 1 Year Parts and Labour, excluding normal wear and tear and catastrophic events.

One free factory calibration is included, (shipping not included).


© 2018 AugusTara, LLC. Duplication of any of this material in whole or in part without expressed written consent of AugusTara, LLC is prohibited.

“ At AugusTara we believe that the best product design is couched in the philosophy that when it reliably serves the needs of an individual, it will serve the greater needs of the collective society. Those elements combined with an alignment to a higher consciousness IS the paradigm of product design for the new millennium.”  - August Worley

pyradym presentation

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