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forgotten futures

Peer into the Forgotten Future's from inside the mind of the mad inventor himself...

The Obelisk

In addition to its standard accompaniment to the Pyradym this powerful 300 Watt bass unit can be used to remove unwanted dental fillings, crumble plaster from the walls or as an effective aid for cleansing the colon. 


The Weres

The Weres (or Egyptian Headrest) is a contemporary, adjustable version of a technology used by ancient Egyptians. Used in meditative practice to enhance the ability to visualise and increase the profundity of the out-of-body experience, Weres can also assist in inducing the biological process known as "still point", whereby the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord can be optimized.


The Pyradym Mini

The Pyradym Mini is a modular mini version of Pyradym. Interchangeble modules allow flexibilty for the individual to develop at their own rate without breaking the bank...

Pyradym mini POC 1.jpg
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