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Personal Evolutionary Journeys

We are collectively journeying through the quantum map, there is a lot of energy around the pain fear band, we see this in the division around our world. This division is not just two sides fighting for the sake of fighting, external division is always a projection of internal division and when a person is battling their own inner polarity it is very common to then project it on the other as a way to avoid dealing with the unhealed that is within.

This a reason why we can feel the pressure building, it has absolutely nothing on the fundamental level to do with secret cabals or manipulation, it has every thing to do with the inner split of 3rd density coming to a close and the battle within of integrating the polarities because its very difficult to surrender the habit idea of polarized thought.

From a metaphysical point of view the planet’s 3rd density expression is in its death throws so to speak. This is a process, it’s a spectrum and no one can say how long the process takes but what is important to know is that this chaos, this pain that you are finding worldwide right now is a product of the inner pain that is yet to be healed.


Whether or not you have any theories on the Covid virus is inconsequential, it does not matter because everyone can find evidence for their truth. We must then look to the shared reality, that is something that all are experiencing on the planet now, and through this shared reality is where the most valuable inner work is done.

Some people who are responding to the pandemic in fear, chaos, blame and victimization etc are in a sense locking themselves in their pain, however some have used the opportunity as a way to do the work that has not been done before with yourself. Whether you have been forced to do it or whether you have chosen to do it, it has come up for you to do. What this is meaning then is that so many on the planet through this work, through a shared experience planet wide that has not been seen for a long time, you are in a sense tunneling your way, or dissolving, the pain and fear barrier.

You are doing for you, yes, but you are doing for the other fractals that you are too, those fractals that are perhaps more lost. You are working with the pain and fear band in a conscious way that has not been done on earth for 15-20000 years. Do not get caught on what healing is supposed to look like for that will keep you trapped too, that is why we go beyond what might be surface level things that need to be healed and we move instead more toward core wounds, because the core wounds of your species are connected to the core wounds of your galactic family and the whole evolutionary process through your galactic family shows you that these wounds reverberate through lineages and though time.

There is a lot going on right now in terms of what is being worked through and what is being healed, everyone has an image perhaps, or a feeling of what healing mean or how you will know it when it happens, but this is not true. Usually you only know of the healing when you experience the absence of the pain and therefore its retrospective. As you navigate your way through the healing process you might fool yourself into thinking that you are going in circles or that you are not experiencing any change or any healing, but there will be moments where the fog lifts from your eyes and you begin to experience a new feeling of yourself, of your separated self in relationship to the whole, and that is when you are going to start to begin to understand the healing.

The understanding of healing from a 3rd density perspective is absolutely incomplete, since 3rd density is the realm of separation quite often the idea of healing has to do with somebody else healing you, or you pressing the special button or taking the special pill that is going to heal you. That really is the 3rd density practice of healing because its a reflection of separation, but the more your consciousness shifts into a 4th density perspective your definitions of healing are going to begin to change. We cannot define that for you but we can instead give you the landmarks to look for, and one of the very first in the landmark of your willingness.

The willingness to go through the darkness, to go into the jungle of the unknown without a map, to really go into your own shadow and to find the places within you that you have not wanted to see or have not wanted to explore or maybe didn’t even know how to and you kind of get pushed in there and you have to learn to swim.

Feeling balanced amidst chaos is a very challenging thing, however, as you are navigating through that pain and fear band the natural state is that chaos, is that fear, is that feeling of being lost in the unknown, floating in the void, not knowing where you are going, not knowing if you will survive the experience and who is the one that survives anyway, ego death yes? Or ego transformation...

*Adapted from the teachings of Lyssa Royal Holt, channeling Sasha.

Artwork by Luminokaya.


Listen Without Prejudice...

If this post sparked your interest in some way, shape or form yet your rationale mind is struggling to grasp the bull by its horns so to speak, we have included this recent interview with the highly intuitive channel Lyssa Royal Holt to provide some comfort for your throbbing left brain hemisphere.

Lyssa has been channeling Off Planet Energies since the early 1980's and perhaps now more so than ever it is time for humanity to remove the blinkers of dis-belief as we begin to open our mind's eye and peek at the notion that other sentient life forms do indeed exist within our universe. Predating our own existence these stellar ancestors have been, and continue to be, our unconditional mentors and guides throughout the evolutionary process that we term Life...

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